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For Adults

KNOW our Faith

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This is a copy of the prayer card I distributed at my first Mass at Our Lady of the Angels. On the front is a picture of the Holy Spirit window found in St. Peter's in Rome. The prayer is from the Cursillo Movement. On the back of the card is my personal theology. Actually it is the teaching of Holy Mother Church I just put it into a more 'user friendly' language. The Adult Faith Enrichment Program here at Our Lady of the Angels concentrates on that first section "We come to know our Father through the study of Sacred Scripture, Teachings, & Traditions of Holy Mother Church."

The Study of Sacred Scripture

Our Lady of the Angels runs two distinct programs for the study of Sacred Scripture. One on Monday nights and another on Wednesday mornings. Each group decides which book of Sacred Scripture they will concentrate on and the duration of the cycle. The Monday night usually runs only during the season. Tuesday mornings runs year round. Please contact the office for further information.

Our Beautiful Faith

In addition, you will find under the Adult Faith section of our website a number of lectures I put together at my previous parish. It was my first attempt at such a project so at first the quality of the recordings are a little difficult but eventually I got the hang of it. Please I encourage you to hang in there. The guest lecturers such as Dr. Dan Dentino of Ave Maria University and Matt Laboda are highly captivating and spiritually enriching speakers. I am forever grateful to them for agreeing to be apart of the project. As time allows I hope to continue to teach and add to our series.

Father Dan