Communion Distribution & Church Hours

Happy Mother's Day Weekend from Our Lady of the Angels! 

We are so happy to have opened the church for our first two visitation times this week. It was wonderful to see our parishioners in church again spending some quiet time with our Lord. Our offerings will expand this week: 


Communion will be offered at church this Sunday, May 10th, from 10:45 am to Noon. 

Please enter Church through the center Narthex doors. Please follow the blue “X’s” that are spaced 6 feet apart; there will be a single line down the center aisle to the minister distributing Communion.  The minister will be distributing Communion in the hand only.  Once you have received Communion, please step to the left, immediately consume the consecrated host and then exit the church. The church will not be open for prayer during Communion distribution. To exit the Church, follow the red arrows on the floor to the double doors on the south side of the building.

Please do not chat as you stand in line as others in line may be praying and we want this distribution of Communion to be as sacred as possible considering the limited time you will have in Church.


Hours for visitation in the Church will expand for the week of May 11-15:

  • Monday - Wednesday - Friday from 10am to 1pm
  • We ask that the 10-11 hour on Monday and Friday be reserved for those in the "at risk" categories. 
  • Tuesday and Thursday from 4pm to 6pm


  • If you have any illness of any kind, or are exhibiting any symptoms, please stay home. Those who cannot be here will be in the prayers of the community. 
  • Visitors must wear a mask at all times while inside the building. Please bring your own personal protective equipment to the church.
  • While here, please take a copy of the Salvation books available in the Narthex. These are an Easter gift from the parish.
  • By entering our church, you are acknowledging the potential risk for you to be in a public location. You will be praying at your own risk and accept that you will not be able to hold Our Lady of the Angels Catholic Church, the Diocese  of Venice in Florida or any party within those organizations accountable for  any illness or injury that may befall you.


The Charities of the Month for May are the Christ Child Society of Sarasota and Our Mother's House. Both organization are in need of donations to help them continue their mission. The list can be found in our bulletin on page 6. Donations may be left in the bins in front of church or in the parish center. 


The OLA Rosary Outreach group has continued to be busy! Pictured here are 220 rosaries that OLA Rosary makers have made over the last few weeks. There are another 200 or so at their homes yet to be turned in. These hand made rosaries are given to nursing homes, assisted living residences, hospitals, RCIA, Confirmandi, First Communicants, Adoration Chapel, and our parish priests hand them out. 500 rosaries have gone to Africa for children’s rosary groups and 400 will be going to Cuba with The Society for the Propagation of The Faith (once travel resumes). The Rosary is our sword in these difficult times, and the goal of the Rosary Outreach is to spread the beauty of prayer through the rosary.


The Young Adults continue to host the Rosary via Zoom daily at 8am. Please click this link to join the Rosary each day. 


Let’s get together online on Zoom for discussions on the hopeful and inspirational stories in Beautiful Hope:  Finding Hope Every Day in a Broken World.

We will review the essays, watch videos, discuss how the thoughts impacted us and have time for prayer. There will be a suggested focus and reflection to take away with you. The sessions will begin with a message from Pope Francis. 

We will meet weekly on Tuesdays at 10 am; the first session will be at 10 am on May 19th. 

To register, send an email to [email protected] and the meeting link will be sent to you. Books are available for free at the Parish Office. You can also send a message to that email and the story we are working on can be sent to your email.   

May God's blessing be on you and yours this weekend. The prayers of our parish family continue for those suffering from affliction, caregivers and first responders and all those who have died.

In Christ's Love,

The Clergy & Staff at Our Lady of the Angels