Family of Faith

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A Message from Our Lady of the Angels’ Office of Religious Education:

This upcoming school year, we wanted families to get the most out of learning about the faith with a convenient, fun, and flexible option that won’t over-burden them during this time of uncertainty. Parents, you have already had the heavy burden of online-schooling placed upon you by COVID-19 last spring and there’s still great uncertainty with what the schools will demand from you this fall.

A Family of Faith is a family-centered catechetical program that allows the entire family to learn the same topics each month and incorporate what is taught into the prayer life and day-to-day conversations of the home. 

A Family of Faith is designed to make learning the faith practical, fun, and conveniently accessible within the natural rhythm of family life.

INTRODUCTION: Watch This Video Before Registering

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Pay Online

Completed forms can be emailed to Debbie Jackson ([email protected]) and payments can be made online by clicking the link above. 

Forms & payments not made online can be submitted in one of the following manners: in person at the Parish Office, left in the drop box outside the parish office, placed in the collection basket, or sent by mail.

Please place your registration forms and/or payment into an envelope labeled “Religious Education”.