Family of Faith Registration

Here’s how it’ll work:

1. Monthly Meetings

Each month, there will either be a Parent Meeting or a Family Meeting to attend.

Parent Sessions in the Parish Center (September / November / January / March)

Parents will attend meetings once a month here at Our Lady of the Angels or online (if you prefer). At these meetings each month, the parents will be taught what they will teach their children. If you do not feel safe attending, the event will be available for viewing online.

Family Sessions in the Church (October / December / February / April)

Parents will bring their children with them to learn about the faith through experiences of prayer. Since these meetings will take the place of the Parent Sessions, parents will be taught the content of that month’s theme online.


2. At Home Lessons, Activities, & Prayers

Parents and children will learn together as they go through the material at home. Schedule sessions at your most convenient times in your schedule. Get help incorporating the month’s theme into your family’s prayer life, car-rides, and celebrations.


INTRODUCTION: Watch This Video Before Registering


Register Here

Pay Online

Completed forms can be emailed to Debbie Jackson ([email protected]) and payments can be made online by clicking the link above. 

Forms & payments not made online can be submitted in one of the following manners: in person at the Parish Office, left in the drop box outside the parish office, placed in the collection basket, or sent by mail.

Please place your registration forms and/or payment into an envelope labeled “Religious Education”