Our New Church

bw6kwusf3slqs41khejdfmfalgl.PNGOur Lady of the Angels Catholic Church was founded in 1999. We have drastically outgrown our temporary space and have begun the building process of our permanent church.  Our church is slated to break ground in February 2017.

January 2017 - Monthly Update

The news concerning our New Church is becoming very exciting every day as we approach the start of construction.

We have secured our SWFWMD permit. We are in our last days of resolving all issues with Manatee County, concerning our Final Site Permit. We should have this permit in hand around February 17, 2017.

At the end of today, February 3rd, our Architect, (PRA), will deliver to our contractor, (ME&S), (2) sets of Construction Documents. ME&S will submit a set of Construction Documents to the Manatee County Building Department for review and comments for obtaining our Building Permit. They will then start securing final budget numbers using these Construction Documents, complying the costs of construction of our new church through their network of subcontractors. In other words, they will be verifying and agreeing to meet our budget. Both processes listed above will take approximately 30 to 45 days.

Exciting dates to mark on your calendars are:

February 19th, after the 10:30am Mass, we will conduct our official Ground Breaking Ceremony. It will occur in the clearing just north of our existing church.

March 20th, the start of land clearing, excavation of the retention pond and constructing the new church building pad. This operation will take 6 weeks.

By the end of the land clearing operations, we should have our building permit and proceed directly into the construction of the new church structure.

So, parishioners, please continue to pray and support all efforts to make this new church a success and that everything will go according to God’s Holy Will. Also, pray that our neighbor, “the eagles”, will not be a nuisance to us during our construction periods.

Thank you, and see you on February 19th at the Ground Breaking.

Yours in Christ,  
Nick Kloepfer and Father John Hoang


Building Fund Update as of January 31, 2017:

                PLEDGES TO DATE                            $4,023,286.82

                PAYMENT TO DATE                            $2,969,380.31

                TO BE COLLECTED                            $1,053,906.51