Our Lady of the Angels would like to welcome you to our parish.  Being new can be both an exciting and anxious time. We have many active ministries within the parish that can help you get comfortable within our parish and in the community. We encourage you to reach out and join one. Below is a list of ministries and the contact person for the ministry. If you have not had a chance yet to register with the parish we encourage you to do so. Please fill out the registration form (two pages, links below) and bring it to the church office, drop it in the Sunday collection basket or email to the address listed below.  

Parish Registration

Please submit this form to [email protected]

Ministry Contacts

Adoration(Kristin) [email protected]
Adult Faith Enrichment (Lucy)[email protected]
Altar Servers (Jack/Nick) [email protected]
Baptism Helpers (Donna) [email protected]
Bereavement Support 
Catechists (Debbie) [email protected]
Children’s Liturgy of the Word 
Choir/Bells/Orchestra (Gia) [email protected]
Encore, Adult Singles (Carol) [email protected]
Eucharistic Ministers (Gail) [email protected]
Finance Council (Steve) [email protected]
Funeral Reception (Emmy & Barbara) [email protected]
Garden Helpers (Anna) [email protected]
Golf Tournament (Dave) [email protected]
Homebound Ministry (Michael & Diane) [email protected] 
Hospitality (Vinny & Jean) [email protected]
Jail/Prison Ministry (Kat& Enrique) [email protected], [email protected]
Knights of Columbus (Jerry) [email protected] 
Lectors (Sam) [email protected]
Legion of Mary (Jeannine) [email protected]
Little Saints 
Loving Stitches (Aggie/Robbie) [email protected]

Martha's Ministry  (Kat)[email protected]
Money Counters (Deacon Jack) [email protected]
Mom’s Group (Jen) [email protected]
Pancake Breakfast (Brian) [email protected]
Peace & Justice (Ruth) [email protected] 
Praise Band (Gia) [email protected]
Prayer Line Angels (Lorraine) 941-755-7578 [email protected]
Rosary Altar Society (Teri) [email protected]
OCIA (formerly RCIA) (Deacon Tom) [email protected]
Culture of Life (Anita & Jim) [email protected] 
Safe Environment Coordinator (Debbie) [email protected]   

Safety & Security (Chris) [email protected]
St. Clare Women’s Guild (Jean) [email protected]
Sacristans (Gail) [email protected]
VBS - Toutus Tuus (Lucy)ltamajonolangelscc.org 
Vocation Team (Mark) [email protected]
Wedding Helpers (Carrie) [email protected]
Welcome Team (Mary) [email protected]

Women's Bible Study - Walking with Purpose (Joy/Jen) [email protected]
Youth Faith Formation (Middle & High School) (Lucy) [email protected]
Young Adult (Fr.Shawn) [email protected]