Charity of the Month


Our Mother's House   

Our Mother's House is a non-profit, non-denominational residential  housing program offered by Catholic Charities, Diocese of Venice, Inc. 

Their mission is to provide single mothers and their children a safe and secure environment in which to achieve self-sufficiency through education, vocational training and personal growth. Priority is given to mothers who are currently homeless or in another shelter. Applications are accepted without regards to race, ethnicity or religion. 

Our Mother's House provides low cost housing and free child care so that residents can attend school and work. Each resident works with a caseworker to create a plan for achieving their school and work goals. On-site programs such as parenting, self-esteem and budgeting help residents develop life skills for independance and self-sufficiency. House meetings and shared responsibilities are requirements of the program. While living in a private apartment, the community setting teaches residents skills needed to live as a good neighbor and active citizen of a community. 

Suggested Donations:

Diapers-size 4,5,6       
Zip Loc sandwich bags
Pull ups-any size     
Tin Foil             
Baby Wipes- unscented             
African American Hair Products
Sanitary Napkins
Baby thermometers  
Kitchen Garbage Bags
Non-spill sippy cups    
Dish Soap
Mouth Wash 
Tooth Floss
Laundry Soap (he)unscented
Body Wash
Pump Hand Soap
Hair Conditioner
Lysol Wipes
Paper Towels
Toilet Paper
Multi-purpose cleaning spray