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March for Life Reflection by Sarah Heller

March For Life Reflection

Have you ever gone to a pilgrimage or retreat and come home just to pick up where you left off?? Sometimes it can be hard to apply what we've learned from a pilgrimage or retreat to our daily lives. But just because its hard doesn't mean its impossible. I went to Washington D.C. about a week ago and it was the time of my life. I reunited with amazing people, I met amazing people, but most of all I grew I grew in my faith and by doing that my faith and trust in God increased. There were half a million people standing up and fighting for those who don't have a voice yet. Even when we were confronted by protesters we stood our ground. And that's what being a part of a faith community is all about; standing up for something you believe in and having others whether strangers or friends stand by your side. In a world that isn't so great right now God wants us to trust him to be there for each other and to stand up for what is right what is moral and what is true. God doesn't want us to keep our voices hidden, but he wants in to keep our voices heard. We've all heard it in the bible a lamp isn't meant to be under a basket its meant to be on a lamp stand. Our thoughts and beliefs aren't meant to be kept inside our heads, when faced and challenged. So by shining our light and facing the evil in the world we can renew our faith in God, and the world's faith in us Christians.

You know people say oh today's teenagers don't care, and they aren't strong in any kind of faith in God. And yes this may be true for a lot of teens, but what I saw in those 4 days in D.C. showed me that there is still hope in the teenagers who are the next generation. There is hope that we will be the generation to end abortion.

God Bless

-Sarah Heller, 9th Grade Youth Group Member
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