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OK here's the story. I was trained at a Benedictine Monastery. Man can those Monks sing. Mostly they sang acapella allowing their voices to be their instruments. Fast forward 20 years. The Catholic Church initiates a new English translation of the Mass. New music settings ensue. One of the music settings is a chant. As you know here at OLA we really change up our Mass depending on what liturgical season it is. During Lent/Advent we tone down the music as they are penitential seasons. We tried the Latin Chant Mass Setting but unfortunately it was clear that it was not deepening our experience of the Mass. So we moved to using an English Chant Mass Setting. I have always wanted us to do it acapella as the monks but it was thought that it would be to hard to do. So I have the 5pm Mass for the first time during Lent this past week. And to my great surprise and pleasure our PRAISE BAND WAS SINGING ACAPELLA! Really cool. Here are the Mass parts sliced together. GREAT JOB PRAISE BAND!



  • Sandra ConradPosted on 3/03/16

    That's my daughter and son-in-law directing the acapella Praise Band! AWESOME!

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